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Mission Statement

The leading provider of aluminum canopy systems

Provider (noun): Someone whose business is to supply a particular service and/or commodity.

Whether we are providing a commodity – Aluminum Canopies – or providing a service to Architects, General Contractors/Subcontractors or to each other at Mitchell Metals, our #1 Core Value is to be “Damn good at what we do..” This includes everything from designing canopies to answering the phones. That is what drives us to be the leading provider of aluminum canopy systems.

Core Values


1) Damn good at what we do

2) Work with a purpose

3) Stay disciplined to the process

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Kevin Sharp, Upside Innovations

"My overall impression of Mitchell Metals is a team with extensive engineering expertise. Quotes were quick, and the drawings were professional, detailed, and accurate. When the actual finished materials arrived, it saved us a lot of time because much of the work was done upfront making it simple to install. I can’t say enough good things about Mitchell Metals’ ability to deliver what it promises."

Russ Clinton, Eagle Metal Fabricators

"Not only is Mitchell Metals’ customer service excellent, but the turnaround time and product quality was above par. The team did all that we requested quickly and, ultimately, engineered these designs at a fair price."

Kendall Dutton, Bowen & Watson General Contractors

"The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Mitchell Metals is a long-term, profitable partnership. Jeff, Nathan, and the rest of the company employees are always available to answer questions and the lines of communication are always open. In addition to having competitive prices, Mitchell Metals has excellent service, quality of work and an untarnished reputation. The most noticeable characteristic of everyone at the company is the ready and willing attitude they bring to each project."

Zack Amacher, Amacher Brothers Construction

"I've worked with Jeff Mitchell and his company Mitchell Metals on a number of projects over the years and consider Mitchell Metals a first class subcontractor. Mitchell Metals understands the process of completing its canopy work correctly. Proposals, shop drawings, fabrication, installation and any warranty items are all handled with a can do attitude and a high level of professionalism which sets the company apart from the competition."

Kenna Scragg, International City Builders

"I've worked with Jeff Mitchell on many projects, and I have to say my favorite part of the process each time is Mitchell Metals' performance while on the job. They continually met my requirements by always being on time and performing top-of-the-line fabrication and installation work. These guys have the unique ability to respond to and address any issue that arises on the job site and afterwards. It's obvious that Jeff and his co-workers take pride in what they do."

Peter Smith, Kevin Price General Contractors

"The owner of Mitchell Metals, Jeff, is extremely helpful and the kind of person who will go out of his way to get things accomplished. Our budget was tight, but Jeff worked with us to agree on a fair price. We had a short summertime school project to get completed, which meant our schedule was filled with a lot of work in very little time. Mitchell Metals, with its team-player attitude, got the job done quickly and right the first time around. Every aspect of the business relationship was a highlight. The initial conversations, simple contract and submittals made Mitchell Metals perfect for the job. When minor discrepancies arose, the whole team took chances to make it work with a can-do attitude. Everyone at Mitchell Metals exceeded my expectations at every turn."