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Mitchell Metals offers a variety of canopy metals including green and sustainable metals that are not only affordably priced but also kinder to the environment. In this “shaded” blog, we discuss the green and sustainable nature of aluminum and its use in canopies. Aluminum – a perfect sourced recycled metal According to the Aluminum Association,

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At Mitchell Metals, we take great pride in offering our customers the best service. Our extruded aluminum canopies have a well-deserved reputation for their quality, durability and aesthetic appeal. At our plant in Smyrna, Georgia, we work hard to deliver the best aluminum including both manufacturing and installation. Here at Mitchell Metals, we offer materials

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Aluminum walkway covers for your church or school offers a variety of benefits. The most obvious benefit is that walkway covers help to keep people dry as they enter and leave your building when it is raining or snowing. Covered walkways also help create shaded pathways during hot weather, and they offer a range of

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At Mitchell Metals, we realize how important your canopy installation is to you. It’s an investment of time and money and it’s important that your finished project is as good or better than what you have envisioned. Once you’ve made the decision to go forward with your install, you want to be certain that you

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We understand that your project demands exact specifications to match your vision. Since we go out of our way to exceed customer expectations, we require a wealth of information to make sure your canopy is exactly what you’ve dreamed of once we’ve finished our job. The architects and engineers we have involved with our projects

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Mitchell Metals provides solutions to business, architects, and contractors. When you need walkway covers, we build to spec. Our process is advanced and the results mean a seamless integration of our product into your project. We provide overhead support canopies that improve the experience of visitors and employees to commercial buildings, schools, and public service

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Gabled canopies are one of the easiest ways to enhance a building’s design. Gabled canopies offer a graceful way to provide covered walkways, window treatments, and to address weather and visual issues through building design. Canopies are Inviting If you have ever approached a large building and wondered where the entrance was then you begin

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With fall and winter come all kinds of weather elements, such as leaves, snow, and ice. These accumulate quickly and could mean damage to your metal canopy. It is incredibly important to remove the mountains of snow, ice, and leaves that can accumulate on your canopy to keep it in great shape. This may seem

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Outdoor sports venues can become year-round places for exercise and games with the installation of aluminum canopies. In fact, there are many examples of how aluminum canopies benefit places such as parks, churches, tennis courts, basketball courts, and even batting cages. Keep the Program Going All Year Long Not every facility has the room for

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When you need a canopy for your school, church or hospital, one must choose which style will best suit your particular needs. The type of aluminum canopy you choose will be determined by its required function, location and desired aesthetic. Covered Walkway Canopies Mitchell Metals sells a variety of aluminum canopy styles that are ideal