Enhancing Your Buildings’ Architectural Design with Gabled Canopies

Mitchell Metals aluminum gabled canopy project

Gabled canopies are one of the easiest ways to enhance a building’s design. Gabled canopies offer a graceful way to provide covered walkways, window treatments, and to address weather and visual issues through building design.

Canopies are Inviting

If you have ever approached a large building and wondered where the entrance was then you begin to understand the role that canopies play. One of those roles is that they help to direct people along pathways.

Gabled canopies offer a charm that almost sets the mood or atmosphere of a building. As a tool of design, their graceful structure invites and enhances the experience of employees and visitors. They are also an extension of a building’s architectural planning.

CAD Rendered and Ready Designs

Mitchell Metals offers CAD gabled canopies designs that blend into the planning process of building projects. We also have the designs available for the addition of a gabled canopy to an existing building.

Gabled canopies are an easy addition to many building and act as an external method for dressing up a building. For businesses who want to improve customer experience, gabled canopies help achieve that goal by providing style, shade, and shelter from all kinds of weather.

Add Gabled Awnings too

Canopies are not limited to walkways as gabled awnings also help to protect windows from the hot summer sun and help to keep your building cooler. Gabled canopies do the same from entryways and help to reduce a building’s energy costs by providing shelter from the sun.

The Benefit of Gabled Canopies

Canopies are an easy way to increase foot traffic during the rainy season. People are more apt to park and walk to businesses where canopies invite them when the weather is dismal. For restaurants, gabled canopies are an easy addition that can dress up an outdoor cafe or dining area. Not only can people enjoy the beautiful weather, they can avoid the direct sun and pouring rain. In addition, gabled canopies are easily fitted with external heating devices that warm up the place in winter or misters that help to cool the place off during the hot season.

There are many ways that gabled canopies help to improve a building’s design. At Mitchell Metals, we offer a range of canopy materials that blend into your buildings aesthetics including aluminum which is a long lasting, low maintenance option. Visit us online to see our products.

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