CAD Drawings & Specifications

At Mitchell Metals, we have years of experience in the design and manufacturing of commercial canopies. We pride ourselves on our ability to work with architects and engineers to blend their design intent with premium aluminum awnings to create walkway covers that are both visually pleasing and functional. Because we recognize the importance of your ability to visualize the exact specifications of every facet of your design, we strive to provide as much information as possible at every stage of your project.

The commercial canopy CAD drawings and specifications section provides detailed DWG and PDF CAD drawings along with the exact specifications for each of the projects. Our clients may download any and all information they need to better plan for their upcoming projects. You can also keep these specifications on file to use as reference for new ideas and designs.

Our goal is to make the design process as easy and comprehensive as possible. Our designers and engineers work tirelessly to make certain that every facet of your project is accounted for up front. Standard CAD drawings and specifications can be used for pre-existing or new construction. In cases where the standard designs don’t meet the needs of your building structure, our team is available to work with your specifications to create custom walkway canopies to fit and enhance the exact architectural design to enhance your project.

Resources for Building Metal Canopies

At Mitchell Metals, we’re committed to a flourishing partnership with our architects and engineers. We’ve developed our website to house up-to-date information on all facets of the industry, including code requirements essential to building premium metal walkway canopy and detailed information about materials.

We have an array of standard CAD drawings along with the specifications for each type of canopy. Some of the popular canopy designs include:

CAD Drawings Available for Download

All of our CAD drawings can be downloaded in PDF and DWG formats and each includes a separate PDF specifications document. These are easily viewable, savable, and printable so that you can access these designs on any device you find convenient. You might also wish to print hard copies to keep with your project blue prints or with your current job binder. We invite you to keep these on file so that you can reference them throughout your project. You might also wish to keep them as a reference for future designs.

At Mitchell Metals, our focus is on ensuring a successful completion to your current and future projects. We’re happy to work with architects and engineers on custom projects and to make certain that the commercial aluminum canopy used in your design is an asset to the architectural integrity of the whole project. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. You can also use the form on this page to request a free estimate for your current canopy needs.

We look forward to working with you!