Ordering Walkways & Canopies

Let us help you with your next covered walkway or canopy project.

Please allow Mitchell Metals to quote your next aluminum canopy or covered walkway project today! We strive to ensure your satisfaction with the final product, which is why we work with you one-on-one, building a canopy that meets your exact specifications.

The bullet points below outline everything we need to know to engineer and fabricate long-lasting aluminum canopies or covered walkway systems for your project. Have a question about our covered walkway or canopy systems? Contact us using the form on the right, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Building a canopy that withstands time and the elements is our specialty.

In order to accurately quote you for your project, we request the following information when custom building a canopy:

  • Size: Projection and Length
  • Canopy Style
    • Walkway Cover (Free-standing post supported)
    • Bus/Parent Drop-off Canopy
    • Cantilevered Canopy
    • Gabled Canopy
    • Overhead Support Canopy (Overhead rod and wall attached)
  • Decking Preference:
    • 3″ Extruded Cap and Pan
    • 4″ Extruded Cap and Pan
    • 3″ Extruded Flat Pan
    • 12″ Roll Form Flat Pan
    • 12″ Roll Form W-Pan
  • Color:
    • Standard Baked Enamel – Bronze, White, or Bright Silver
    • Anodized – Clear or Dark Bronze
    • Custom color options, including Kynar finish, available upon request
    • Mill Finished
  • Address where canopy is to be installed (City, State, and Zip Code) – This is to ensure that the canopy is designed to local building codes and to quote accurate shipping costs.
  • DWG or PDF document of canopy plans or drawings

Once the information for your covered walkway systems or canopy project is compiled, we will respond quickly with a quote.