Canopy Drawings and Architectural Design for Engineers

At Mitchell Metals, we understand just how important the exact specifications are for the success of your project. We’ve spent a great deal of time developing architectural canopy design tools for our architects and engineers to use during their pre-planning, planning, and installation phases. The bottom line is that we’ve been in this industry for many years. We know what our contractors need to succeed and we realize exactly how much information our engineers need to properly estimate their projects.

We’re dedicated to your success. That process starts with the drawings and specifications that help you visualize the final design. To aid in this goal, we’ve compiled a number of canopy drawings and architectural resources. Click here to view and download our CAD Drawings & Specifications

Design and Architectural Resources

The Resources You Need for Guaranteed Success

For our engineers, there’s more to the job than visualization or even craftsmanship. To create a correct estimation of the project, determine the right materials, and choose the best system, you need the exact specifications. You’ll need to see how the canopy system you choose functions in relation to the rest of the building architecture. Does your project need a custom design? Does a prefabricated design fit your needs? What material will work best for the climate and use of your structure? These are all questions you’ll want to address and we want to be the ones helping you make the right choice for your clients and your project.

To fill those gaps, Mitchell Metals is dedicated to providing all of the resources you need for your research and pre-planning phase. Our drawings and information can be downloaded or printed to stay on file with your materials. You can use them as a specific reference for one project or as a starting point for future projects.

Canopy Drawings and Other Resources

In this section of our website, you’ll find resources you need to answer your estimation and design questions in the following areas.

  • Relevant Codes & Standards. One important consideration for any project is whether or not the materials and design will meet the building code requirement for your area. The last thing your team wants to do is spend time and money planning a project that you can’t pull a building permit to begin because the structure doesn’t meet their specific requirements. Anyone in the construction industry knows that those requirements can differ by area. Because some building codes vary, it’s common for engineers and contractors to have questions about how well the canopy system meets the requirements. At Mitchell Metals, we’ve compiled all of the pertinent IBC and ASCE information as they pertain to aluminum canopies and walkways.
  • Canopy Materials. The materials you use for construction are the most integral part of the process. We’ve included an entire section that details the exact specifications of each part of the canopy system. If you have further questions, our experts are happy to speak with you on different selections and the right choices for the project at hand.
  • Footings. Footings are an important part of the design and can impact everything from the aesthetic of the building to the function of the canopy. We’ve created a detailed resource to give our engineers all of the information they need to make informed decisions to best meet their design needs.
  • Aluminum Finishes. There are a number of choices in finishes for your project. One of the deciding factors will be in wear. Different finishes offer better wear with weather, which can be an issue, depending on the location. We’ve put together a full resource detailing the advantages and disadvantages of different finish choices so that you have the most complete knowledge to make an informed decision.

Contact Mitchell Metals for More Information on Canopy Drawings

If you’re an engineer or architect, feel free to browse our site and download any information on canopy design for your own use. If you have any questions about our designs or would like to discuss your project, please feel free to contact us for more information.