Design Criteria for Custom Canopies

At Mitchell Metals, we know that our engineers need the exact specifications on each of the materials used to create their canopy design. We strive to put together a great wealth of information on everything from the best type of canopy system for your building to the final look of the project. For engineers and architects, especially, that information needs to include details on the materials used. We’ve included specific measurements and drawings to better meet our engineer’s needs as they estimate their projects. Please feel free to look over any of the drawings included on this page and download them for your use. If you have a project in mind and can’t find standard specifications that will fit your needs, our experts can work with you to design a custom canopy system that perfectly enhances your project.

At Mitchell Metals, we pride ourselves on our high quality materials. All of our canopy systems are manufactured and designed in-house so we can always guarantee the products. Whether you’ve found the perfect prefabricated canopy system here or are looking for more information, feel free to contact us to discuss your canopy design needs.


Decking choices have a profound impact on the look and longevity of your awning project. When you choose your canopy system, you’ll want to take the decking into consideration to meet the aesthetic and function requirements your project needs. We’ve included several drawings and choices to fully realize the potential of your project.


We offer both standard flashing and counter flashing. You’ll find a detailed drawing below for each choice. Please feel free to contact one of our experts if you have any questions on which type of flashing will best fit your design.


Your choice of columns will depend on the type of canopy system and the exact area you’re covering. There are a number of different sizes available. Some choices you might consider are tubes that measure 2 x 2. If you need larger columns, they’re available in measurements from 3 x 3 all the way up to 6 x 10. We’ve included the standard design size drawings on this page. Please feel free to contact us if you need something in a custom specification.


There are a number of beams available for your design. The best choice will depend on the size of your awning and architectural considerations. We’ve included six standard prefabricated beam drawings for your use. These range in size from 4 x 6 to 6 x 10. If you have a project that needs custom specifications, please feel free to contact us to work with your project’s specific needs.


Your gutter choice is an important one because clients care most about the function and physical appearance of their awning. They’re not as concerned with the longevity of the materials because they expect everything to be high quality. They will pay great attention to the look of the gutter because it impacts the way their entire awning and building appeals to the public. At Mitchell Metals, we offer a number of choices for your finished canopy system. Here you can find drawings for a 4 x 6 or 4 x 8 gutter. You can also find detailed drawings for a false fascia, as well as a roll formed gutter.