Canopy Resources for Contractors

Whether you are looking for us to install a covered walkway in the southeast or have pre-fabricated canopy materials shipped throughout the United States - we have you covered!

Canopy Installation Resources for Your Project

At Mitchell Metals, we offer our general contractors and subcontractors a partnership in professionalism. We recognize your need for the highest quality materials, best craftsmanship, and rigid attention to deadlines. We offer a wealth of experience in canopy installation and can enhance your team with an expertise in this integral portion of your client’s project. We’ve worked with some of the most innovative architects and established contractors in the country. Our job experience ranges from small bus stop shelters to large corporate centers and every point in between. Every project we contract is considered a top priority. Whether you’re a returning customer or a one time sale, we want you to be absolutely satisfied with the entire process, from manufacturing to final installation. When you partner with us, you know that we’ll treat your needs as a primary concern so that you can pass that great service on to your clients. At Mitchell Metals, we offer materials that are manufactured in-house and we can fully attest to the level of craftsmanship you can count on in your final project.

We realize the importance of a strong partnership and excellent quality. We strive to build dependable, transparent communication with our general contractors, subcontractors, engineers, and architects so that your canopy installation goes exactly as planned. We’re dedicated to meeting your deadlines and can help guide you in the best decisions for your current needs – whether your new construction project calls for a custom made canopy or your renovation will be best served with one of our prefabricated canopy systems.

Resources for Your Canopy Installation Project

  • CAD Drawings. At Mitchell Metals, we offer an array of CAD Drawings that are available for your reference. Download them for future use or for a current project.
  • Specifications. Each of our designs comes with detailed specifications so that you’ll always know the exact measurements and materials. There’s no second guessing or surprises on delivery.
  • Photos. We offer a full array of photos of current and past projects so that you can better imagine what the finished awning will look like and how it will function.
  • Videos. We are happy to offer an array of videos on our site to give our contractors a better visual idea of the project at hand so they can prepare in advance to meet their time frame.
  • Building Code Information. We offer all of the information you need to meet building codes in your area with regard to your canopy installation.

Are You Interested in a Canopy Installation for Your Current Project?

If you’re a contractor or subcontractor looking for a canopy system for your current project, contact us today. One of our experts can discuss your project needs, walk you through the types of material available, and find the perfect fit for any design.

Mitchell Metals has years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing our canopy systems. We’ve also developed intricate CAD Drawings and Specifications for general contractors who want to handle the installation themselves. You get the same high quality and attention to detail with your own team of trusted experts overseeing the construction of the project.

Kenna Scragg, International City Builders

“These guys have the unique ability to respond to and address any issue that arises on the job site and afterwards”…Read More

Kendall Dutton, Bowen & Watson

“The most notable characteristic of everyone at the company is the ready and willing attitude they bring to each project”….Read More

Zack Amacher, Amacher Brothers Construction

“Mitchell Metals is a first class subcontractor. They understand the process of completing their canopy work correctly”….Read More

See Photos Of Our Canopies

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Pre-Fabricated Canopy Material

At Mitchell Metals, aluminum canopies and walkway covers is all we do. For over ten years, we’ve been designing, fabricating, and installing our own extruded aluminum canopies throughout the Southeast.  During this time, it was brought to our attention there was a void in the marketplace for a quality supplier of pre-fabricated canopy materials that could be shipped to GC’s and subcontractors across the US for them to install.  So we made the decision to offer the same high quality pre-engineered product we’ve been installing for over a decade to GC’s and subcontractors nationwide.  The marketplace now has reliable resource to turn to for their pre-fabricated aluminum canopy material needs.

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