Our Full Range of Canopy Products

For the past ten years, Mitchell Metals has engineered, fabricated, shipped, and installed a wide range of overhead canopy products serving private and public organizations throughout the United States. Our new line of sunshade products acts as a stand-alone or complimentary architectural resource for canopies. To learn more about how overhead canopies and aluminum sunshades are designed to seamlessly work with your architectural project, explore the galleries and CAD specifications below.


Walkway Canopies

Our extruded aluminum walkway canopy products provide aesthetically pleasing shelter to students and pedestrians across the United States.

Bus/Parent Drop-Off Canopies

Parents and students stay shielded from the sun and away from inclement weather with our architecturally sound canopies for schools.

Entrance and Overhead Supported Canopies

Durable, weather-resistant entrance and overhead supported canopy products work for all types of buildings around the United States. Can be used alone or in conjunction with our new line of sunshade products.

Gabled Canopies

Mitchell Metals has engineered, fabricated and installed customized canopies with gables in buildings across the Southeast.

Cantilevered Canopies

The experts at Mitchell Metals have engineered, fabricated, and installed cantilevered canopy products in K-12 schools, hospitals, churches and government municipalities.

Custom Canopies

Mitchell Metals now offers high quality custom canopies to contractors and building owners for projects nationwide.

Aluminum Sunshades

Mitchell Metals offers new cost-effective, attractive aluminum sunshades which reduce energy costs and provide aesthetic appeal for any commercial or residential building.

  • View CAD Drawings and Specifications for our Aluminum Sunshades here.
  • View a gallery of our Aluminum Sunshades here.