How to Choose Your Style of Aluminum Canopy

canopy building

When you need a canopy for your school, church or hospital, one must choose which style will best suit your particular needs. The type of aluminum canopy you choose will be determined by its required function, location and desired aesthetic.

Covered Walkway Canopies

Mitchell Metals sells a variety of aluminum canopy styles that are ideal for multiple applications, including but not limited to walkways:

  • from a building to a parking lot
  • between buildings
  • from a building to a courtyard

Choose from walkway canopy designs that include beams, no beams, architectural walkway canopies and canopies that are attached to a supporting wall to determine what meets your needs and space. Aluminum walkway canopies are versatile enoug to suit the physical environment where they will be installed.

Drop-off/Pick-up Canopies

You might have a church or school bus, ambulance or other large public transport vehicle pulling up to your school, church or hospital. When you have a drop-off and pick-up spot for your congregation, students or patients, you need to have an aluminum canopy in place that will accommodate the vehicle height and length, including turning radius. Suitable choices include a drop-off canopy with lineal beams, or with long ways decking.

Tricky or Unusual Architectural Elements

If the canopy is to be attached to a supporting wall, you will need to bear in mind the physical constraints that will affect the installation. That’s why Mitchell Metals provides aluminum canopies in designs that will accommodate tricky or unusual roof and wall configurations. If you find that your particular building structure needs it, you can opt for:

Custom Canopies

Of course, because Mitchell Metals uses the extrusion method of aluminum fabrication, we can provide custom canopies to suit every situation or design look. If you don’t find what you want in our gallery of aluminum canopy products, simply contact one of our representatives to discuss your needs.

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