How Modern Metal Canopies Can Create Curb Appeal for Your Business

metal canopy

There are many ways that metal canopies boost the curb appeal of your business. Whether you are in the business of renting office space or selling coffee, metal canopies work to attract people to your location. Below, we look at how metal canopies invite, enhance, and shelter guests and employees.

Creating an Inviting Atmosphere

Metal canopies are inviting. They create shaded sections for outdoor cafes and as covered walkways for employees, guests, and shoppers to use during rainy weather and summers heat. An outdoor patio with a metal roof offers refuge in all types of weather. We talk about creating ambiance and the rain on a metal roof is almost classical. Given the variety and types of metal suitable for canopies, the range of design usage is pretty much unlimited. Even inside of an office, the rain on a metal canopy creates a soothing and relaxing sound. In the heat of summer, people can enjoy iced coffee, ice cream, or ice water in the shade. All of these experiences help to improve your customers’ experience.

Creating Smart Design

Metal offers a design with clean lines and it also takes on sculptural qualities. A metal awning can be as simple as a metal roof or as elegant arched awnings and matching shutters above and beside a window. Metal canopies offer a fluid extension of a building without the deep cost of adding on rooms. They can also bring customization to design. Metal is also paint friendly so it blends in easily to existing color palates. Given that the life span of a metal canopy is long, you can decrease maintenance costs over other materials such as wood. In the case of aluminum there is very little if any corrosion and many types of awnings offer built in drainage systems. Low maintenance costs, elegant design capabilities, and the creation of an inviting space help businesses boost their curb appeal.

Curb appeal not only adds value to your building, it adds value to businesses. Happy, well-designed buildings encourage people to come and shop and they can boost employee morale by creating pleasing places to work. How can metal canopies enhance your building? Mitchell Metals works with businesses, architects and design firms to supply quality metal products such as canopies and covered walkways. For a design and installation quote for your project, just give us a call at (770) 285-5925 or contact us.

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