Selecting the Correct Aluminum Canopy Project

Aluminum Walkway for K-12 School

When faced with choosing the design and options for your metal canopy project, it is important to first understand your needs and expectations. At Mitchell Metals, our team of project managers work with our clients to help them determine the style and other canopy preferences that will best meet their needs. First, the Mitchell Metals team helps each client decide which style of aluminum canopy best fits their requirements. Here are descriptions of our common styles.

Canopy Styles

  • Walkway covers: With an eye towards aesthetics, our covered walkways are designed to protect pedestrian and student sidewalks and footpaths from the elements.
  • Bus and parent drop-off canopies: Highly customizable, Mitchell Metals’ drop-off canopies are ideal for schools that need to provide their students with curbside protection from sun, rain and snow.
  • Cantilevered canopies: Our cantilevered canopies provide overhead protection for entrance ways and walkways while only needing to be anchored on one side, removing the need for additional support posts that might impede foot traffic.
  • Gabled canopies: Thanks to their sloped roofs, Mitchell Metals’ gabled canopies allow for superior water drainage and are a highly durable solution for covering a walkway or entrance.
  • Entrance supported canopies: Designed to protect entrance ways, our entrance supported canopies are secured from above, allowing for a clean and attractive design.
  • Custom canopies: If none of our standard offerings fit our clients’ needs, Mitchell Metals is happy to work with them to design a custom solution.

Once the canopy style that best meets the functional and aesthetic requirements has been decided, the next step is to select the canopy options that will allow the project to uniquely suit the client’s overall design style. Mitchell Metals helps our clients navigate the numerous decking, flashing, column, beam and gutter options that we offer in order to choose the options that best suited to their project’s requirements. The last step is selecting the color, and Mitchell Metals offers several shades of standard baked enamel and anodized finishes as well as custom Kynar finish color options.

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