Benefits of a Cantilevered Canopy System

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One of the many types of metal canopies Mitchell Metals manufactures is cantilevered canopies. Cantilevered canopies are a specific type of canopy system that utilize a single column instead of a typical double column system. The result of using a single column is that the canopy “cantilevers” out past the column. If you are interested in learning more about this style of canopy, contact one our experts, or read on for more information.

Benefits of Cantilevered Canopies

Cantilevered canopies are great for freeing up a lot of space on your business’ walkway. This system can cantilever up to 12’-0” past the column (depending on site location and loading conditions). This results in a covered walkway with no column interference and a clean look.

Another benefit of a cantilevered system is the look itself. A cantilever system has a lot of architectural style and stands out from a standard system. The system is a great way to have the function of covering the sidewalk and have a unique and distinct style all within the same system.

Cantilevered Costs

Cantilevered canopies require much larger concrete foundations than standard aluminum canopy systems. This is a result of all of the canopy load resting on one single column as well as the much larger moment created due to the large cantilever.

The system typically requires much larger member sizes (mainly columns and beams) due to the same loading mentioned above. Even though you are using fewer columns than a typical canopy system, the columns you are using for the cantilevered system must be much larger. Because of this, cantilevered canopies are often more expensive than other styles. Fortunately, they feature many benefits and will last for decades to come.

This type of aluminum canopy will add style and function to your business’ walkway and storefront. If you are interested in this style, browse our CAD drawings and specs. Using one of our designs can alleviate both time and money. Contact us for more information today.

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