Customizing Canopies: Factors to Consider for Your Next Project

canopy components and material

We understand that your project demands exact specifications to match your vision. Since we go out of our way to exceed customer expectations, we require a wealth of information to make sure your canopy is exactly what you’ve dreamed of once we’ve finished our job. The architects and engineers we have involved with our projects need every detail to provide one with the materials they’ll need.

Canopy Design Elements

As our canopy projects require detailed answers, here’s a few canopy design factors to consider for your next project.

Canopy Decking

The decking of your project plays a crucial role in regards to how your awning looks and lasts. When it comes to the look and aesthetic of your project, it’s important that you look into the materials needed for your canopy decking.

The Flashing

Whether you’d like to use counter flashing or standard flashing on your canopy, we can provide both to your project.

The Columns

Between the exact area you’re utilizing for your canopy and the system you’re using, it’s important to know how many columns you’ll need for your project. There’s a long list of different sized columns to suit your canopy, with measurements ranging from 3×3 to 6×10.

The Beams

We have a long list of beams available for your canopy. However, the best choice of beams heavily relies on your architectural consideration and the size of the awning. Our prefabricated beams range from sizes 4×6 to 6×10. If your project has specific needs, feel free to let us know as we make custom specifications as well.

The Gutter

When it comes to the physical appearance and the function of the awning, the gutter plays a crucial role. People pay great attention to the gutter as it represents how the building and awning appeals to the public. It is expected to be made of high quality materials regardless of what it’s made of. We have many different gutters that will only enhance how great your awning looks to the public.

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