Highlighting “Green” and Sustainable Aspects of Aluminum Canopies

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Mitchell Metals offers a variety of canopy metals including green and sustainable metals that are not only affordably priced but also kinder to the environment. In this “shaded” blog, we discuss the green and sustainable nature of aluminum and its use in canopies.

Aluminum – a perfect sourced recycled metal

According to the Aluminum Association, Americans recycle about $800 million worth of aluminum each year, which adds nearly $1 billion dollars worth of aluminum back into the manufacturing cycle. That is one of the reasons that Mitchell Metals aluminum canopies are not only green but sustainable. Our canopies are made from recycled aluminum. While the source of our aluminum is from recycled metals, using aluminum for canopies offers many other green services, especially for green buildings such as LEED certified buildings. Let’s explore.

Aluminum is nearly noncorrosive

Aluminum is a very stable metal. It does not react to many chemicals that are a natural part of the environment where it is used. What that means in terms of canopies is that when a consumer buys aluminum canopies they only have to maintain them for the canopies to last on a long time. The noncorrosive nature of aluminum is one of its best features. It lasts nearly forever without rust streaks or mold that make some canopies look dirty and dated. In short, you get a product that stands up to the elements without losing its beauty.

Aluminum outlasts many other canopy materials

This is another green aspect of aluminum. It lasts longer than many other canopy materials and it does so without the extreme weathering that other canopy materials go through. What this means is that aluminum not only lasts longer, but looks nice long after other metal canopy materials have degraded, rotted, or rusted. In terms of being green, investing in aluminum canopies means that you replace your canopies less frequently and that means the product life cycle is much longer. The short of it is that because aluminum lasts, you use less raw materials than you would if you went with a less stable metal or other product.

If you are considering metal canopies for your building, consider the benefit of aluminum canopies. They look nice for far longer than many materials, they are more durable than wood or canvas and they do not rust like steel. They are also very light in weight but strong enough to stand up to strong winds. There many not be a better overall material for canopies. To find out more about the green and sustainable nature of aluminum, contact us. We help our customers from designing the perfect canopy through the entire installation process.

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