Commonly Issues with Aluminum Canopy Specifications

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Commonly Issues with Aluminum Canopy SpecificationsThe architect’s plans and specifications are what drive an entire metal canopy project. When one or both of the documents have errors, the entire bidding process can get thrown off. When you affect the open bidding process, you can end up paying too much for your aluminum awning.

The staff at Mitchell Metals has combined a list of the most common mistakes we see within canopy specifications. Check it out and make sure you are covering all of your bases.

Common Mistakes With Specifications for Aluminum Canopies


1. Multiple Finishes


Sometimes a canopy on a spec is listed with multiple aluminum finishes. This poses a problem because each finish is very different and has varying costs. Examples are anodized versus kynar versus baked enamel.


2. Discrepancies on Component Sizes 


The spec and the architects plan must be the same. If there are different component sizes called out in specs versus what is specifically called out on plans, it can be very confusing to a manufacturer on what exactly to price.


3. Combining Roll Formed and Extruded Materials 

These are two different categories of a canopy design, and when they are used in the same description of a product or component it messes up the process. The two are mutually exclusive and are processed differently. As an example, you cannot have a roll form extruded gutter — therefore it shouldn’t be listed on the spec.


4. Calling for Kynar Finish with Roll Formed Material


Roll form decking is a pre-finished product and cannot be safely painted for a Kynar application. This is because a Kynar finish is baked on at a high temperature and the roll formed material can be warped.


5. Using Steel Deflection Limits in an Aluminum Spec


Aluminum is naturally more flexible and is meant to be so. Because of this, its deflection code is lower than steel and could never meet a steel deflection limit.


6. Contradictory Design Criteria


The specs should be the same as the plans. When they aren’t, the provider does not know which one to follow, and cannot create an accurate bid.

Mitchell Metals can help answer your questions about specs and the criteria. As the leading provider of aluminum canopies in the U.S., we have seen a lot of specs and designs. We also have a lot of canopy drawings and specs for you to look at and download. Contact us with questions today.

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