Top 3 Reasons We Use 300 Series Stainless Steel Fasteners

Overhead Supported Canopies with Aluminum Parts

Mitchell Metals manufactures and installs a lot of canopies. In fact, we are the leading provider of aluminum canopies in the country. We have over a decade of experience putting canopies together and there is not a better fastener to build canopies with than the 300 series stainless steel fastener.

Historically, steel fasteners coated in zinc were used on aluminum canopies. This type of screw works fine, however, they do not last. A canopy built with these steel fasteners will only last 20 years before the fasteners begin to deteriorate and the whole system falls apart. This is not the only reason we use the 300 series steel fasteners, read below to see three more.


The Importance of Using Aluminum Canopy Parts


1. Provide an Extremely Strong Connection

The connection provided by these stainless steel fasteners is the strongest you can find. Additionally, they come with the advantage of not corroding when in contact with water. This is extremely important as all of Mitchell Metal’s canopies internally drain, so they see even more water than the average canopy because water is constantly funneling through the structure.

2. Do Not Have a Negative Reaction to Aluminum

A 300 series stainless steel fastener should be used in conjunction with aluminum since other grades of stainless steel have a negative reaction with aluminum. 410 stainless steel will result in hydrogen corrosion and a material failure over time and, as mentioned, plain steel (or zinc coated steel) fasteners will just rust over time. With the stainless steel fasteners, you can trust that you will not have to replace your canopy for decades.

3. Field Welding is Not an Option

Because of this, our connections between parts must be mechanically fastened, unless they can be welded together and shipped to site. Because we have so many mechanical connections, we use all stainless steel fasteners and bolts to give us high strength connections with 100 percent weatherability. This allows Mitchell Metals to manufacture aluminum canopies for every climate.

We are the only metal canopy provider that uses the 300 series stainless steel fasteners. Use Mitchell Metals for your aluminum canopy and rest assured that your canopy was built with the best possible components. Contact us with your questions or to get started today.

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