Using Aluminum Canopies for Outdoor Sports Coverage

school walkway cover

Outdoor sports venues can become year-round places for exercise and games with the installation of aluminum canopies. In fact, there are many examples of how aluminum canopies benefit places such as parks, churches, tennis courts, basketball courts, and even batting cages.

Keep the Program Going All Year Long

Not every facility has the room for indoor gaming courts. Yet, many places have the outdoor space to install basketball, tennis, and batting cages that can be used all year long with the help of metal canopies.

There are many examples that show off the beneficial aspects of aluminum canopies for outdoor venues for property managers to civic leaders.

  • After School programs can expand when outdoor sports facilities are available for special programs such as basketball camps or leagues.
  • Farmer’s Markets can be set up for year-round use.
  • Schools can keep their baseball teams in prime form with an outdoor batting cage.
  • Senior Centers and Community Parks can install bocce ball, shuffle board, horseshoe pits, and other small space gaming areas.

Usable Space Design

It is usually much less expensive to install canopies than it is to build an indoor structure. For community leaders who want to add more value to outdoor areas such as parks, can do so by considering the benefits of aluminum canopies.

The benefits of Aluminum Canopies

  • The benefits of aluminum are that it does not corrode, requires less maintenance, and offers a dramatic increase of space usage without the big price tag.
  • Another feature of aluminum canopies is that they have optional built-in drainage systems. This means that water it collects from the roof can be channeled through inner chambers to special drains that keep the sports area dry and in playable condition throughout the wet seasons.

In hotter weather, an outdoor playing area benefits from metal canopies because it provides shade and allows for fresh air to circulate throughout the area. This also save on the heating and cooling costs associated with an enclosed building. With good planning, communities, churches, and schools can create a multi functional space simply by adding aluminum canopies to the project.

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